Monday, August 16, 2010


i woke today with my head fuzzy
i've been having squeezing headaches lately
im too human (what does that even mean) sometimes...
i dont know how exactly to live in the moment
because i want to live in the future.
i want to be aware before im even aware.
its frustrating sometimes
one thing is for certain
this fall i think im going to fall back into earth
and stop living in space.
For the most part, play times over,
i do feel a major change coming up.
Im enrolled full time,
i have to get a new camera (F WORD!!!)
but maybe things and ^ (that) will be better
call it an upgrade..
moms thinking about movie to NJ.
ANd here i am thinking about finding a new place,
its not even time to make that decision right now.
One step at a time,
but really where will i be a year from now?
who will still be around?
will i still be around?

yup, i worry to much

(^reblogged from tmblr)
My time is coming,
I can feel it
and chances are it'll come
in a curve ball
I wish i could get paid for adventures, and my writings and photographs...
maybe i will

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