Monday, August 23, 2010

day12-the person i hate the most

Dear person,

For the record, was it really all worth your 'best intentions"?
Did you really think that not telling someone something is
still going to save from hurting someones feelings?
You might of had the best intentions,
but in the end, you fucked up.
In the end, every truth unwraps it self,
and every thread that pulls on keeping the light out
And eventually things are cut short,
and relationships, and hearts, and memories
are shattered, to cut hearts out and reflect bloody lies.
In the end,
you were the one hurt.
And i laughed as you stumbled back,
but nowadays, theres no more hate
in fact i appreciate your 'sacrifice'
its because of it, that i could never be played a fool,
and that i have in fact learned to forgive.

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