Saturday, August 14, 2010

day 3-my parents

even though i never met you it sounds like im almost what you expected. either way, every once in a while i see a dragon fly or get a warm chill and think of you. (i dont know why i think of dragon flys but whatever). Either way, i get the feeling you laugh at me sometimes, i also heard you were a player of some sort, but id like to think of you as a nice guy. And you probably had eyes that made girls blush and a smile that attracted fragile hearts. My stepdad never really took your place but i think he did a good job as well. I barely speak to him at all anymore, but some of the things he did played as a "what NOT to do, when you become a father"
i find myself strong and stubborn just like you. Sometimes i get mad at you cause i expect you to always be strong, i never give you a chance to just be human. I wish you would embrace things a little more openly sometimes, and im glad its because of you that im tactful and outgoing. But the curse of this is i cant trust easily and always feel ulterior motives. I always love you, and i love the shock of peoples faces when i tell them how young you are, just so they can say what a good mom you are for a young one.

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  1. i wish i could write a nice letters to my parents. i see why u and i are friends. we have a similar proud of u, you maybe be stubborn but humble , enough to share ur story. maybe i should rethink wat to write again. u r such a sweetheart....keep being u. catch u on the urban side....