Sunday, June 27, 2010


*bea tea dub...the donut was F*ckn bangin!


(while listening to sweet disposition)
zoey daschanel.
blue eyes.
train rides.
sun baked skin.
time lapsed photography.
falling.hard. onto love.
speeding so fast its slow motion.
beginnings of summer, warms nights.
lips touching.
inside jokes.
leaps inside a ocean.
clear water.


i am constantly amazed at your design.
you can either lead to destructions or
to beautiful landscapes.
your exterior is a beauty
but theres not much foundation inside.
your hollow,
who is your creator?
he must of built you with tears and
a dash of love,
you must of been his last invention
and you press on in his darkness.
with a strong heart.


this is getting to crazy.
your games, this ride.
its making me dizzy.
i thought it would be fun.
that colors would soar around me
but this familiar feeling makes my stomach
you thought it would be fun,
but now im turning blue.
and its from seeing the sight of you,
and this ride, and these games.
i thought i would be fun...

knots, ties, and webs

the difference between knots is you could almost always get them out. every once in a while
a repetitive movement will result in a knot. Somtimes you have to try hard to pull it but eventually it will come undone.
ties come from intentionally tying something to make sure it doesnt come undone.
When you tie something, you make sure it doesn't (or at least make sure) that it supports.
but for the most part it comes apart only to be tied again.
Webs are there to be intricately designed, and placed in a nice spot so when the time is right
you get caught up in it, its hard to get out.
hopefully before the things that made it
devour you..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


this is our reality
for there is a reason that our souls connect on so many levels.
our fat3s intertwine like the ropes we use to pull to keep our boats afloat.
i wish i could change your scenery because you deserve better.
and im learning better.
i need an intervention
something inside me calls for alot more..
i want to get lost in your imagination
i could lay there on a purple beach
and stare at horizon.
we could draw among the stars and the moon.
we could sail amongst the waves and the follow the direction of the ocean.
we would discover new lands.

My soul has been calling for adventure...
maybe its to reach higher heights.
maybe its to see things from a different perspective
maybe its to get a new perspective by seeing new things..
whatever it is.
my soul calls for it and so does my camera lens..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i thought of this

"we are the thieves of the night..stealing the summer sun"

while riding in car, i thought about this summer.
theres alot i want to do,
theres alot of changing i got to do.
until then things might just get worse.
im done with certain things, and sometimes certain people
i thought about the quote above
and then thought about theres something about seeing the summer sun at dusk.
theres this feeling i felt
theres something about the sun and its rays
the summer and its warmth at night
and city lights
smooth jazz playing in the back
or some instrumental rock with a banging guitar solo.
i feel its somewhere in california.

"the most beautiful things in life are mysterious"

Friday, June 18, 2010


love is a dangerous thing
to walk on a tight rope
its something i cant fathom
but its huge
it hugs corner to corner
i am a person who thinks
often too much
its been a while
its a calculation
i haven't thought of solving

its a long walk and finally when i sit...we sit across from each other

*you and me, we share equal aspects
there are alot experiences id like to share
its like crossing the line---the caution tape
only problem is..

and sometimes, your my savior
you just dont know it yet

"moment of honesty, someones got to take the lead tonight, whose it gonna be?"


well its been almost 2 years ive known this kid and now he 22..
its funny how things change.

happy bday bro

blowing up

today since 6 am may have been one of the most irritating days, i haven't felt that pissed in while.
When the enemy knows your weaknesses, they are hit more harder than usual
when it rains for pours.
my umbrella is broken in, im soaked.

(that was too dramatic)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

your always there for me

"whatever tomorrow brings ill,
ill be there, with open arms
and open eyes"-incubus

(reblogged from the tumblr blog thedalailomo)

there are still links
that have not been broken
for if they will
a sacrifice
i want to be cut free
as a bird releases feathers that will drag it down
i want to reach higher heights
i want to straddle the stratosphere
im jumping the gun.
i dont care.


these things we find

today was my interview..i guess we will see if i made it or not..
(i honestly dont think i did)
but looking at the people that were coming in..
its like "do i have to be unprofessional to get a job?"
i dont understand...
on later news i gotta start trying to venture out my photography.
i have gotten alot of conformation about it..
so maybe thats at least ONE of my niches.

At least i wanna believe that..

Friday, June 11, 2010


its a funny thing to realize that things your sought after may not be exactly what you need-the reason why you haven't received it by now. And chances are if you keep trying for something and find yourself tirelessly treading after it...maybe its not meant to be. As human beings we are designed and as of late, our society has taught us to be extreme "self-gratifiers"

i've grown tired of alot of things.
hopefully your not one of them.
but everyday your tugging on more rope for your noose
and eventually things will be cut short.