Monday, June 29, 2009


i def found some of my teenage years again watching daria

haha......a very witty show

i need things cleared up a lil here...

lets untwist some things

drinking from the cup

i will never drink any stupid malt liquour again thats from 7-11! they just set u up for trouble...anyway i been pretty much busy this weekend. but when i managed to go to the beach i did, and it was good! i've been told i finally black..(wtf does that mean) another thing i hate is when white people (yeah im going there) why is it that when you have black friends you feeel that, that gives you more privileges to say any soundly racists jokes. not the case...i don't see wht the big deal is anyway with the whole my black friend this, and your black i don't even say im hanging out with my white friend or this asian friend. Im color blind...i guess. I gotta find someway of getting this wednesday off to go to the 311 concert..time to pull some strings!

"what? because you its something you never tasted"
"you don't know what its like for a girl"

Friday, June 26, 2009

oh yeah!

and i want a gooooood breakfest...

im talking good pancakes
and some bacon..

make sum?

i find

i find more and more

im never satisfied with anything lately

and if it does its not for long..

*not to get all emo on you but..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I read you,
And god I'm good at it, I'm so spot on,
Chord shapes in air,
Go press that dissonance, if you dare,
And you breathin' in,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

true story


yesterday was probably the only day in a while i haven't spent chillin wit drew or at the beach jeez!..and i feel so bad cause every night i spent was also drinking (but not drunk, suckaz) this summer has been fun so far, but i feel that level needs to be upped now. I have some friends to visit and im ready for a drive..and one thing i need to stay away from is draaaamma i know it inevitable but it can always be minimized...

and what can't be is the transformers tonight! wat what!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

hey j

so tell me, is this what your pointing too, or am ijust too stubborn to realize it,
and why does it seem it always seems
what could be better for me

today, tonight

had yet a good night, chillin with drew and lili and o..good people having a good time, it seems like the beach seems to hold alot of 'good nights' for me...

'cause i was starting to doubt somethings'

"you are the rights ill never have.."


i find myself saying this alot lately, it seems to be the answers to all my questions, maybe its time my answers are more concrete. maybe

in too deep

maybe this is what i get, waht i deserve..maybe its just not to work in the order of events im trying to foresee..but foresight is just a prediction and just like the weather changes against predictions, i guess these things too. Maybe i put too much hope in the future without making sure the present is set up correctly and not just according to what i want but whats truly there...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


"strangers in the night...

exchanging glances..."


so i managed to switch to try to go to morgans dinner...and i did...although there were some pesky individuals there..and although i can't hide it well when im annoyed i pulled through and we went to the beach where..........

i probably haven't that much fun in the most time, wow! Good conversations (but god we had alot) and next thing you know fighting in ocean! cra-zay man! Before you know it we were all drenched and tired and full of sand on the ride back home..good times. And for tonight 99 cent chicken always pull through

Friday, June 12, 2009

"im thinking beach"

yesterday i managed to see the hangover again only this time not trying to fall asleep from drinking a joose 2 hours b4 seeing the movie..and it actually was more funnier now that i wasn't fighting life to stay awake! That lady selling tickets totally hated the world...jeeze..anyway i managed to get ethan in and of course it felt like the amazon in the movie theaters (usually its brick in there!) and we finished the night off with good songs in the car and beaches, burgers, and of course hanging with amber drew and ethan...good nights. Oh! and i really want to know who made that dinosaur foot print at the beach...pretty clever! 

and tonight....

morgans dinner and possiblities...

2morrow i think luda will be here...shweet!
HEY MAN, theres skittles in there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


i had these last night right after my sushi dinner! amazing! and somehow managed to order a margarita! wow

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ahnd so

because of the almost 8 cups i drank i ended tossing and turning all night..i swear theres like bugs in my bed(im not dirty)..but anyway i had to be up at work at 6 30 in the morn! and of course everyone was a little annoying..but the crew and the vibe was goooood today. So i went home (of course all while thinking how i could possibly fit working out into my schedule) and then i went to sleep...only to find out that i couldn't go to the stupid concert any way :( anyway things happen..well just party it up on friday!

your starting to make me wonder

p.s. happy bday mor-gain!

half and half flowers

...i got my splenda, you got your sweet and low...
and that ghetto chick wanna be santo gold.
ha oh and the half and half flowers..

:cant stop:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gawd mornin'

my mind is just liking everyting' righ now...this morning was no different from arms aren't as sore as they should be, and my dog is laying right here in mah bed..i guess my morning realy happend at the beach
well hello 2x...

"im on a quest for knowledge..what can i say"

cause it still fits

around this time last year...things were a little different. 
i try not to live in the past, but one thing is to always learn from it. 
the last year there were different people, settings, and a different life, almost
at times, things sound real good, and feel right. but it's that nagging thing in the back of my mind that makes me wonder should i test the water before jumping in, or just submerge myself. I have some questions, do you have answers? whoever you are?

-taken from a blog long ago...funny how it still applys

Monday, June 8, 2009

" i kill frogs with true green"

by far the funniest confession at starbucks to date! today we switched up our store hours so now we close at 10:30! ugh..but its really not tooo bad, and today was a freebie because no one really knows about it so...ha! an extra 30 mins of pay of which the equation equals something a lil too difficult of my mind. but mind was distracted from someones sibling trying to get their plans in motion...its actually quite funny and a lil messed up if you ask me..i think ill stop there. its 11pm and im hella hungry..oh and thanks for all you folks on facebook suggestions for books.. AH! retarded  tail was like "damn i got to buy all these books! good thing i have ashley to get a discount at barnes and nobles" but then i realized i just need to rent em at a nearby library! WTF marcus! well 2morrow im off i should be chillin wit 'ber...and i managed to get wed off to chill with morgy morg on his bday and watch no doubt! holla! 

"well, people only do it because it feels good....don't they?"

diavolo in una chiesa

i think too i felt like i lost myself a little...i think all my questions in life just decided to sink in all at once. My mind needs a break... I find more and more i need a vacation as well as find a better job. The bucks is still not doing it for me, i been actually thinking about becoming a security guard...ha! i need a really good book to read lately..any ideas? 

we are on two different wave lengths

Friday, June 5, 2009


"sometimes god puts people in your life to challenge your weakness..."

today could've been better..but i guess it got that way..eventually. tommorrow is full of well..fullness...hah

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"I know you thought your life was goin be easy 
You thought you had it all but you found that you were wrong "

keep telling yourself..

days days days

today was a good off day, i had lunch with drew and stina...and then hung out with my sisters saw "up" and finished it up with some time at the beach.
i've came to alot of
some of which i learned to just accept (well obviously) but who knows...
oh! and have i mentioned my room smells AMAZING! thanks to febreze...and i finally got my purple vans..HOLLA!

im not sure what i want, or maybe thats the issue...