Monday, July 25, 2011

i'm taking applications

I'm taking applications for girlfriends.
1. Gotta love Jesus
2. Gotta have a sense of humor
3. Gotta love art.
4. Gotta have a good conversation.
5. Got to have style.
6. Got to speak your mind.
7. Got to love food.

i hate that

I wish things went back.
Back to when things were new.
Back to when there was mystery.
Back to when our answers were fresh.
Back to when thoughts were sharp.

Now we are just fuzzy, and now i want you so close, and then far as far away as possible.

I never regret.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

between the trees

Between the trees, i feel soil
to one purges its roots, and sets route within the hurricane winds.
The other, slowly letting it self grow,
And the river, feeds both.
I stand between both trees.

Friday, July 15, 2011

funny story

to the summer


of growth, change, and dis-attachment.

self connection

this summer has been different in alot of ways, its definitely a period of growth.
It just sucks that i feel for me, god's way or plan of metamorphsis tends to be rather ambiguous.
At least in the fact that what seems more like a solution or the final bout, can be a step closer to the coup de grace' or another part of a bigger step. Maybe the first explaination is rather exaggerated, maybe its more like a huge black eye after a fight, maybe i won the fight, but everyone else around me sees my war scars.
Or feels it rather..
I've been getting tired of people, something i actually like, people.
But i think the bigger outcome is learning to stop filling a void when silence is present.

And filling whatever gap with, in fact myself, and on a greater scale, GOD.

*no matter how far, i hear you.
I just wish things didn't get so confusing.

to you

Im getting real tired of you,
im just afraid of my final solution.

it has been said

The definition of insanity is in fact trying for something, the same exact way, and expecting different results. I guess it gets to the point, in which are we just being patient, or in fact becoming a doormat.

I guess it gets to the point that I'm looking for something, and unselfishly invest this "something" into people that unwillingly know.

I will find what im looking for, im sure of it.
I just hope i don't leave corpses of empty heads, and ghosts of words behind.