Friday, February 25, 2011

serial killer

sorry that your broken heart,
is nothing more of a conundrum
for the leaky seals put together.
And for the mess of trails you call paths.

Sorry that caring too much,
meant that we should've not cared at all.
And when we decided to not care,
you decided to let us back in.

Your door has become jagged,
and my key has become wrought.
Instead of beating it down,
I just walked away.
Because theres no reason to walk through hell, if you weren't doing the same.
My feet have adjusted to these hot coals,
but your heart have not adjusted to its tank always running out,
or has it?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i follow rivers.

come unfold.

" i know places we can go.....babe,
i know places we can go babe.

The high won't fade here babe,
the high won't hurt here babe."

dont ask me when but ask me why,

dont ask me how but ask me when,

there is a road there is a way, there is a place, there is a place.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


would feel good..
i would love to stay in hawaii and become a local.
to smell the sweet ocean, and have a small group of friends to do random things with.
To not work and all play.
to feel the warm waters and make that connection that only happens with the sun, water, and a human being. its that connection, its totally unexplainable. but we all have felt it

ahh..well thats what dreams are for.


you always strike up a new match for me,

but eventually, things die down.
everything must go to its original state, or a new improved one.