Thursday, March 1, 2012


it seems that everyone is leaving.
I can't help but wonder when my time would come in the sun.
I always talk of risks but have not taken any...
for fear of collapse because of lack of $

I guess thats where risk and faith can level out.

Not to tie

but i can't seem to get these two metaphors out of my head:

"its as if you are god's arrow, and the only way for him to use you is to perfect his shot, by perfecting YOU, his arrow"
"other wise, it won't be able to shoot straight, and therefore there is no progression"


"god prunes away the bad branches in order to grow newer, thicker ones"

maybe all along you were a good, a sweet, that turned something rotten.
i'm sorry i let you get there.



its been awhile since i believed in you.

I guess because of either foreshadowing or forecasting.

Theres always talk of forgiveness,

but i guess things work as they will.

or won't.