Sunday, August 15, 2010

day 4-the sibilings

sistah sadie,
you have grown to such a pretty woman the problem is though, i think you realize your pretty. But you do annoy me because of the fact that your stupid when it comes to boys, any guy should bow to the fact that they have you. But instead, you sometimes submit to them instead. I know your young and you still have alot of life. But sometimes i fear the life you might come across, I always wished that you would be eccentric and grow up and be cool and have people follow you. but sometimes i see you follow these stupid girls with all the makeup and over tight pants, who fall stupid in love with douche bags. But maybe things will change..
i think your a special little girl, i think your imagination will bring you far. I hope creativity will wrap around you and bind you. I was thinking about it, i wouldn't mind having teapartys with you and im sorry im not around more. I think that is what god is showing me, i love your laugh. Your a 50 yr old woman in an 8 year olds body. I love your paintings, and everytime i hear about some little kid messing with you, i wish i could kick their butt for you.

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