Monday, August 29, 2011


i wish god and i could lay our cards out on the table.
of course nothing is that easy, but maybe a glimpse or better intuiton
i hope it does workout better, i hope god grows my tree if intution into a great crop
as ive seem to miss the seasons...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Toro y Moi - Go with You


is one way.

is confusion,
is the maybe (im used t0 that)
to detract you from realizing whats good for you,
because he knows its good for you,
the SECOND guessing."


if you so choose the road that follows,
i hope that it brings you to the right place,
just remember you can't erase who you are
to deem light.
you are light all along,
but just like all lights,
you needed a direction.
so if you travel on this road,
know eventually...
the cracks on the way were significant.


IT wasn't till i met you,
well sort of
i didn't want to be too close ( i have a problem with intimacy)
I was made for people.
For adventure,
for images.
my conflicting self hates
the ugly the we all
as people have the ability to create ugly.
I guess in my head, before i got to the point,
i decided to stop going that route.
Its comforting at first, but its not always the right thing.
I was MADE for people,
I guess that means both good AND bad.

~Your topsy-turvy,
your words twist,
but your actions speak
But whats the point in rolling with the punches
as if they are more a form of self-affliction
and not so much an accepting product.
Whats the point in being open, when eventually things will be closed
Unfortunately the walls being built, but i want to pull you over

Your enemy even says to just "love you"

h f w ys

My life is an ongoing reality tv show, more like a comedy of sarcastic and ironic proportions.
I'd have to say at the end, I imagine looking back and laughing at all the ways things turned out and knowing no matter how i tried to change things for my better, things only turn the way HE wanted. As a matter of fact, I'd like to believe that always how things turn out.
This summer, is coming to an end..its a bittersweet feeling mainly because i haven't had contact with things the way they usually turn out, with the people i used to see all the time, I guess you could blame some of it on me...

With the beach and ever unforgiving waves.

And with it wanting to be over, expecting a new season to bring feelings other than regret.
And to have a reason to be distracted