Wednesday, August 18, 2010

day7-the exlover/girlfriend/crush

for one thing,
your selfish. You live in your own set of rules and expect every to bow to what you want, but you forgot who i was. You expected me to be one of those boys who followed on the linger of your perfume, the things is because of greed,
your lust for people to fall at your feet,
i turned away,
which is why im more than a fortune to you.
I could cost you your life.
YOU can never have your cake and eat it.
Im not one of those stupid little boys who are drunk of the bottle called love, but too blind to see the XXX's in small font. BOys who fall asleep on their hearts to realize that while they are dumb enough to stare at you and realize all the games you play, that they have been too busy laying weight on their hearts to suffocate it.

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