Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I like the way the sun shines on my face, it tickles sort of, at the right temperature.
I want to wake up to an unfamiliar smile on a familiar face.

*your designs amaze me,
the way you paint the days,
and splash the nights.
The ancient stars which once pointed directions, now entertain.
Your mysteries and ways of working are way beyond my understanding.
ANd im ok with that.

I want that euphoric feeling; you know it right when the wind blows the right way.
Or when the sun, water, and birds ,shine, crash, or chirp in a beautiful chime.
I want to be in ocean, with you, fully clothed just because its sort of taboo.
I want to share a not so good cup of coffee but seeing you would add the sugar to it.

(picture via alex harding)


truth is.. we all have to land sometime.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

quick fast

we are all looking for an out, you've found yours.
We are next,
I guess it starts with taking steps
and turning knobs to the next doors
which lights illuminate around the frame.

*california... i feel im supposed to end up there next

Thursday, September 2, 2010

day 22-some whom id give a second chance to

Dear person,

I guess i could give a second chance to you, however at this point I know at this time, I doesn't mean much. For what its worth, I wish things could've turned out different, truth is maybe you found your happiness, but to the extent of making 3 other people (actually 2, one is skeptical) miserable. Because you choose to live a selfish life, out of sight out of mind eh? But the truth is, with this second chance, things would turn out exactly the same way. At least this time, I could say I was prepared.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

gdbye summer

It was forecasted that 2010 would be the year of open doors, contrary to the belief, it not Necessarily the truth. In fact this summer has been more of the forecast of who we are to become, this summer I didn't do much packing or even visiting somewhere new. The things is, this year has showed me how much in fact I have slacked off and need to CLOSE doors and even WINDOWs to move on to be a better person, perhaps even more a person of who god wants me to be. I've been tested alot this summer, in fact I almost gave up. But i didn't, the truth is we are only getting older, and we choose to let what we want bother us. Its time to grow up...

Gbye summer,

thanks and no thanks
and next year, i plan to really have a beach body

in the end..

life is nothing but being a little boat, docking to explore and shifting back to the sea to set motion and overpower the waves. In the end though, we all need to build ourselves back or else, we s
i n k

day 21-someone i judged by 1st impression

Dear person,

I guess in fact everyone has a little 'judge' in them, but really who am I to judge anybody?
Or even we to judge for that matter? however I guess really based on when i first met you, I couldn't understand why, or how you go to where you are? I felt like you were using your past a crutch to make people feel bad for you, I felt your over-confidence was just a facade to really make yourself believe that you had some. It turns out I was wrong to judge and some of my assumptions may have been true. But maybe i wasn't judging after all..
either way im sorry, because it could've cost me a friendship