Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I like the way the sun shines on my face, it tickles sort of, at the right temperature.
I want to wake up to an unfamiliar smile on a familiar face.

*your designs amaze me,
the way you paint the days,
and splash the nights.
The ancient stars which once pointed directions, now entertain.
Your mysteries and ways of working are way beyond my understanding.
ANd im ok with that.

I want that euphoric feeling; you know it right when the wind blows the right way.
Or when the sun, water, and birds ,shine, crash, or chirp in a beautiful chime.
I want to be in ocean, with you, fully clothed just because its sort of taboo.
I want to share a not so good cup of coffee but seeing you would add the sugar to it.

(picture via alex harding)

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