Friday, June 12, 2009

"im thinking beach"

yesterday i managed to see the hangover again only this time not trying to fall asleep from drinking a joose 2 hours b4 seeing the movie..and it actually was more funnier now that i wasn't fighting life to stay awake! That lady selling tickets totally hated the world...jeeze..anyway i managed to get ethan in and of course it felt like the amazon in the movie theaters (usually its brick in there!) and we finished the night off with good songs in the car and beaches, burgers, and of course hanging with amber drew and ethan...good nights. Oh! and i really want to know who made that dinosaur foot print at the beach...pretty clever! 

and tonight....

morgans dinner and possiblities...

2morrow i think luda will be here...shweet!
HEY MAN, theres skittles in there!

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