Monday, June 29, 2009

drinking from the cup

i will never drink any stupid malt liquour again thats from 7-11! they just set u up for trouble...anyway i been pretty much busy this weekend. but when i managed to go to the beach i did, and it was good! i've been told i finally black..(wtf does that mean) another thing i hate is when white people (yeah im going there) why is it that when you have black friends you feeel that, that gives you more privileges to say any soundly racists jokes. not the case...i don't see wht the big deal is anyway with the whole my black friend this, and your black i don't even say im hanging out with my white friend or this asian friend. Im color blind...i guess. I gotta find someway of getting this wednesday off to go to the 311 concert..time to pull some strings!

"what? because you its something you never tasted"
"you don't know what its like for a girl"

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  1. im sad i had something all typed up for u and i forgot to sign in so here i go. the raciest thing try it when u are haning afta work social drinkin ( i am now u noe da good stuff im a vodka girl not the cheap mess grey goose the stuff that sneaks up on u lata lol) its not city folk its the people who come into town u noe. and i was born color blind so i think a lot more folks should be. and dec Marcus thats when u can have the horrible but drinkable malt stuff from 7-11- Jen