Monday, June 8, 2009

" i kill frogs with true green"

by far the funniest confession at starbucks to date! today we switched up our store hours so now we close at 10:30! ugh..but its really not tooo bad, and today was a freebie because no one really knows about it so...ha! an extra 30 mins of pay of which the equation equals something a lil too difficult of my mind. but mind was distracted from someones sibling trying to get their plans in motion...its actually quite funny and a lil messed up if you ask me..i think ill stop there. its 11pm and im hella hungry..oh and thanks for all you folks on facebook suggestions for books.. AH! retarded  tail was like "damn i got to buy all these books! good thing i have ashley to get a discount at barnes and nobles" but then i realized i just need to rent em at a nearby library! WTF marcus! well 2morrow im off i should be chillin wit 'ber...and i managed to get wed off to chill with morgy morg on his bday and watch no doubt! holla! 

"well, people only do it because it feels good....don't they?"

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  1. hairstyles of the damned is a great book. so is a million little pieces and so is tietam brown from what i have read so far.