Saturday, August 6, 2011


IT wasn't till i met you,
well sort of
i didn't want to be too close ( i have a problem with intimacy)
I was made for people.
For adventure,
for images.
my conflicting self hates
the ugly the we all
as people have the ability to create ugly.
I guess in my head, before i got to the point,
i decided to stop going that route.
Its comforting at first, but its not always the right thing.
I was MADE for people,
I guess that means both good AND bad.

~Your topsy-turvy,
your words twist,
but your actions speak
But whats the point in rolling with the punches
as if they are more a form of self-affliction
and not so much an accepting product.
Whats the point in being open, when eventually things will be closed
Unfortunately the walls being built, but i want to pull you over

Your enemy even says to just "love you"

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