Tuesday, November 30, 2010


my co-worker says just anything to offend someone, personally i still like her
but yesterday she said something that made me think

"most men these days are more sensitive then they were in the 80's"

"we are a generation of men, raised by women"-fight club
this generation as a whole, we post all of our buisness on facebook, we wrote on these blogs for people to see, to expose our biased feelings, or anger, or lately, being random is in..
but at the end of the day, we have become a generation based on telling all, but then again expressing nothing. We claim to be honest, but really, we've become soldiers in a war of words, to get them before they get us, call outs (guilty!), we kiss ass to move farther up the ladder of command, is this how things were back then..i'm sure some of moving up had to do with how much work someone decided to put in. Our society has taught men to never be vulnerable, because its viewed as wrong..so we as humans take our emotions and throw them to the corner, only for them to manifest and become lions, of lashing out, because we don't know, as men, how to express ourselves. We hide behind our cloak of mysteries to appear cooler, listen to admit it, from SAY ANYTHING..that explains it the most. Our generation, well some of it, has become a nuclear, internet-using fuck up. Its sad that most of us look on our Facebook before anything else, sometimes first in the morning. Our minds are being sucked through a news feed, our feelings have become nothing but sayings, and five sentence phrases,

im guilty, none the less, however at the end of the day, lets write letters to one another, to keep the postman busy, so he doesn't have to lose his job.

jus sayin'

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  1. u got that right i feel like some woman want a jackass that beats them around or treat them any kinda way. this is the best generation of men u r all balanced. there is no rule that says that men dont have emotions , men are more emotional than woman. so dont let no one tell u that bs. who u r is a well rounded and strong individual.

    to comment on how our world has become that is so right. i mean we sit and put labels on peoples emotions but at the same time we are just makin it bad on ourselves b/c of not showing how we feel. we would have so much less tension. i think b/c of the older sociabilities we are forced to lash out emotionally in electronically things that they dont understand. im like
    " i have two blogs b**ch"

    ps.this makes u more logical than ur dad.

    cacth u on the urban flip side