Sunday, November 7, 2010

cause its what you wanted.

"birds seen flying around,

you never see them too long on the ground"

A while back,

Sans 2007, i wasn't in school, enjoying life outside of waking up at 7:30 am, i was going to sleep late, hanging out late. But in the end i realized (and was warned) that I haven't made any moves towards school and what i wanted to do. Its 2010, and now i figured instead of every other major i have decided that photography was one i should major in. HOnestly at times, i doubt my work, i'm stupid i compare my work to others, i guess i should realize that everyone has a different way of capturing memory. I thought i had it figured out, "i'm going to the art institute of virginia beach". But honestly, they are giving me trouble....maybe i should've done my homework. When i see myself in the future, i see a successful something, traveling, possibly suffering from loneliness because i brush off love and relationships because i "didn't have time for it". Truth is, its built into our DNA, somewhere along in my life, i realized it was something i don't need. Some of you out there reading this are into it, drinking from the very sap of the tree of it, its maple must taste good i'm sure. But its not for me, TRUTH is..i find myself lost and looking back at other people and wondering how they got ahead of me, (no high horse though)

I had to really think about it,

everyone does have there own path, unfortunately mine has too many doors and not enough answer.
its as if god is telling me take chances, i guess im scared.
Take chances with
friendships (well..more)
take curious pictures
and further.

Im tired of being on the ground, i want to fly, i guess i just don't want to hit windows, i hate "i told you so's"
i hate being plagued by them.

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  1. not so many "i told you so's" but more along the lines of...

    "i've been here all along"