Friday, July 15, 2011

self connection

this summer has been different in alot of ways, its definitely a period of growth.
It just sucks that i feel for me, god's way or plan of metamorphsis tends to be rather ambiguous.
At least in the fact that what seems more like a solution or the final bout, can be a step closer to the coup de grace' or another part of a bigger step. Maybe the first explaination is rather exaggerated, maybe its more like a huge black eye after a fight, maybe i won the fight, but everyone else around me sees my war scars.
Or feels it rather..
I've been getting tired of people, something i actually like, people.
But i think the bigger outcome is learning to stop filling a void when silence is present.

And filling whatever gap with, in fact myself, and on a greater scale, GOD.

*no matter how far, i hear you.
I just wish things didn't get so confusing.

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