Thursday, June 17, 2010

these things we find

today was my interview..i guess we will see if i made it or not..
(i honestly dont think i did)
but looking at the people that were coming in..
its like "do i have to be unprofessional to get a job?"
i dont understand...
on later news i gotta start trying to venture out my photography.
i have gotten alot of conformation about it..
so maybe thats at least ONE of my niches.

At least i wanna believe that..

1 comment:

  1. heh someone actually gets wat i was saying. i mean its like u are over dressed for some of these things. I feel as if they are just looking for -anyone. -_-; u are too smart to feel down. Use ur gift to make urself feel better. through photos that says a 1000 words make them speak just "your words" to the world. im out be good great post.... wonderful pics.