Friday, March 5, 2010

from the future

this man came up to me from the otherside of the street
he seemed to be silhouetted by light.
his eyes were wise
and his smile had one i remembered
but couldn't exactly recognize

"these roads ive traveled
and when i you've went left,
i saw the right"

he reminded me to look before i leap.

*im always looking the the next step, i never want to stop moving.
im my own carousel. and while entertaining im making my self sick, slowly.
thats what faith is all about, its about taking a step and knowing that wheather right or wrong
you will have learned some lesson. And there was someone who jumped with you, and happened to carry another parachute.
Instead of jumping plane to land, maybe i should take time to see the clouds.
maybe i should just stop thinking and let things work on their own.
maybe i should stop fighting the battle that only i have created.

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