Friday, December 4, 2009


sitting in this train
this stranger walks by

i ignore looking out this window
everything speeds by as if
we were warping to somewhere new
i guess in a sense we are

this stranger is no stranger
but someone i once shared memories with
a part of me, but more of you, stranger
pretending to hide behind a facade

your eyes roll over to me
i feel the lasers burn from your eyes
keep staring out this window

and with a touch
every 'forgotten' memory comes back
were moving forward, but everything is going back<
memories, hills, sweet dew from the morning mist, sunlight blinding me
but holding on to you, i knew without looking, you were always there
memories wrapped between sheets, and layers and insecurities and lies
and happiness, that was there hidden underneath the rock that we threw into the ocean.
oceans deep with emotions, and covering the footprints that walked along this beach.
beaches that hid and swept away the sand to our foundation,
our castles. our fortress. near meadows and lakes.
lakes that led to rivers which made small ponds and rivers that lead back to the ocean.
where emotions, and lies, and happiness delve deep.

deep into the darkness like a tattoo. that was embedded but marked over.

keep staring out this window.


we are moving foward, past this...


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