Wednesday, September 16, 2009


sitting in this stupid library has taught me a few never print on the wrong printer, that i can fix the backup better than the librarian here, and to sit down and think about things in a quite place. (cause our starbucks just isn't cutting it) but anyway i have class in about a 20 mins, so lets get things poppin'. I went to cNu today and realized that its just not for me, needless to say i felt uber inferior to the admissions officer. I cant stand snobby people and well it seemed whether or not people tried to hide it, you could smell it....i've been trying to get this ball rolling with school and decided i might just go to ODU. Im hoping that if thats a place i don't need to be at though, god would let me know that Veeerrry soon. So i could save some time and well, alot of money...I was thinking i should go to VCU but i dont know if i want to now. Im thinking i need to go up there pretty soon too. Amongst all this, ive been really aware of the people that god has been putting into my life nowadays. ANd due to a current discussion i've have about friends lately, i have learned to appreciate these people more. Im guessing i have a wave of new things and transformations coming my way. (this is probably the first full posting ive done)

"i hope you have an idea...cause im running out"


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