Tuesday, May 26, 2009

birth anew

The sky CRACKED and boom! this blog was born! haha...i figured im tired of writing on facebook and myspace...so here i be. so soo so....todays was a party at chris's. I don't know whats gotten into me lately? I have been very "off with his head"-ish. I just reached a point in which i feel like everyone needs to start acting they're age. Im not talking about no one in-particular im saying though, we are only getting older. One thing i do need to stop doing is been so brash with my comments. What happened to the days in which i thought about what i did before i did them? haha..emo already and im just getting started!  Maybe its just at phase...im hoping as for this other thing. it's not.

"i cant decide what i want.....eeevvvvvver!"

so lets take steps right, riiight?

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